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This is a community for anyone interested in Tibetan culture! Whether it's Buddhism, Language, Music, Dance, Art, Clothing, you are welcome here!

Want tips? Want to share an event? Pictures? Videos? Selling something cool and Tibetan? Feel free to do it here!

And if you have traveled in Tibet or Tibetan cultural areas, we would LOVE to hear about your trips!!!

Please introduce yourself:

What is your interest in Tibetan culture? What sparked that interest?:
Favorite Tibetan food (If you know it ;-) )

Here Lie the Rules

-This community FIRMLY believes that Tibet was FORCIBLY OCCUPIED AND ANNEXED by China. If you are here to tell us that Tibet is part of China, that Tibetans are Chinese, whatever...please don't waste your breath. If you disagree with our stance, feel free to join anyway, but don't bring your politics onto the board.

-No pornographic images or images of nudity. The exception to this is much Tibetan ritual art includes nude figures. That's OK.

-Want to advertise a sale of genuine, Tibet related items on here? Sure! A lot of us are probably interested buyers. Don't post the same item again and again every day, though. Posting it once ever 2 weeks ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM. If you are concerned, just contact the mod and she will give you the "yes/no"

-On that note: Tibetan items, Tibetan cultural items, Tibetan related items=OK
Other stuff that you think we would be interested in but has nothing to do with Tibet? Please refrain (Such as yoga books, crystals. It's cool stuff, no doubt! but it's not what we want advertised here)

-Disrespect will be warned, then banned

-English is not the first language of every member of this community however it IS the language of the community. Politely correcting English is OK, but no freaking out at someone for a grammer or spelling mistake or something.

-No spamming. Spam will be deleted, reported and count as a warning. 2 warnings= a ban. If the spam is really bad, we can just ban you right then and there.

-Respectful challenging or disagreement is OK

-Please LJ cut long entries or entries with lots of photos

-cussing is OK, REALLY! Just don't be excessive. If the cussing is too much, I will just ask you to edit your entry

-No bringing personal arguements onto the board

-No deleting posts or comments (even your own) if you wish to delete a post or comment, go onto the moderator kunde_yidang's personal journal and she will delete it for you.

-In this community, the moderator’s word in refrence to the conduct of community members is law. If the moderator decides that you are infringing on the rights of the members of the community, even if what you are doing is not strictly forbade in the rules, you will be banned. The moderator is not obgliated to explain this to you or to the other members of the community.

-Be smart. Dont insult people.

-note: recently there has been a great deal of contraversy in Tibetan buddhism (eg Karmapa Contraversy, NKT, Dolgyal/Dorje Shugden, certain teachers actions et cetera) This doesnt mean you must avoid posting teachings relating to these teachers or practices, but no political arguments please! So no teachings about how Dolgyal is wrong, or which Karmapa is wrong or what.


If you feel that you have recieved a rude response and nothing has been done about it, please contact the moderators.

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