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Karma Singdruktsho

perhaps worth adding!

I have already posted this in my journal, so some of you may have seen this and it will act as a reminder. Otherwise, you might be interested

For the next 5 months, I will be in Dharamsala, India. This is the center of Tibetan life in exile. I will be studying Tibetan language, culture, history, buddhism and music, and yes, I will be taking plenty of photos.

I leave for india tonight.

I will be keeping a daily diary and posting it 2-3 times a week on a newly created public journal.


If you are interested in Tibetan culture, photos, buddhism, India, linguistic (mis)adventures, human rights or music, you might want to check this out.

(Note, I will not add anyone back. It's a public journal so I don't need to add you for you to view anything)
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