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Protest In Dehli.

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When Chinese President Hu Jintao arrives in New Delhi on Monday, I will protest. I do this because it is my moral obligation, as a person living in a free country, to speak out for my brothers and sisters who are suffering under Chinese rule.

Tibetans living in Tibet are forbidden from raising their voices against China’s illegal occupation of our country. Therefore, I must use mine. This is not a choice. It is my duty.

Every Chinese leader who has visited India in the past has been met with protests. But Hu Jintao, in particular, will provoke a strong and emotional response from Tibetans because of his role in the most brutal and bloody crackdown in our recent history.
From: The Rediff Special/ Tenzin Choeying

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The final day of the protests commenced with an extended Buddhist prayer session that swiftly transformed into yet another high-energy protest. With intense passion, we marched around Jantar Mantar and effigies of Hu Jintao were burned in the streets. As our program drew to a close, the chanting reached a fevered pitch and Tibetans wept openly in the crowd. From:

Tibet Will Be Free!

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