hotfootg (hotfootg) wrote in tibetanculture,

Howdy yall's

Name: Hotfoot aka Wendell

Location: Berea, Kentucky

What is your interest in Tibet?: Dharma, Language, politics, culture and everything in between.

What sparked your interest?: This all started for me when I met some very awesome Tibetan students at my college that I have befriended. They have sparked my multiple interests in the Tibetan issue, language and culture. They have influenced me so much that I became an Asian Studies major to study Tibet more in depth. Also I just finished a year in Dharmasala volunteering and study Lhasa/ Dhasa dialect. If you want to read my rantings from then go to (

Favorite Tibetan food: Thenthuk is my favorite by far, especially on a cold chilly night. Of course I have a soft spot for some momo's straight out of the steamer.

Hope to hear from yalls soon.

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