raindropsie (raindropsie) wrote in tibetanculture,

My Intro

Name: Melinda
Location: Australia

What is your interest in Tibetan culture? What sparked that interest?:
I'm interested in anything really, anything that will broaden my understanding of the culture. One specific thing I'd like to learn about is the clothing (for a major school project).I had an interest since I found out my class and myself are going to Tibet (mainly Lhasa) for a part of our year 12 class trip.

Favorite Tibetan food (If you know it ;-):
Well that's one specific thing I'd like to learn about! Especially because I'm vegetarian I'd like to make sure I know what they are talking about food wise. I have no idea about Tibetan food, but I'm sure I will learn lots when I'm there anyway! It's so exciting!
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