Kelly (kellymeetsworld) wrote in tibetanculture,

Tashi Delek

Name: Kelly
Location: The Netherlands (originally from Gibraltar)
What is your interest in Tibetan culture?: My main interests in Tibet are the language, festivals, cultural traditions, cuisine, history and archaeology. I also try to follow the political scene but, unlike many here, I don't have a deep interest in Buddhism in itself. I don't know a great deal about any of these, though, which is one of the reasons I joined this community!

What sparked that interest?:</b> I can't remember exactly when but reading Heinrich Harrer's Seven Years in Tibet was probably what got me interested in Tibetan culture in the first place.
Favorite Tibetan food (If you know it ;-) ): While I've read a bit about Tibetan cuisine, I haven't actually eaten it myself. Momos do sound very delicious, though, and remind me a lot of Chinese and Japanese dumplings.

Anyway, that's a quick introduction from me. Hope to get to know the rest of you (and Tibetan culture!) a bit better. :)

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